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Apple Shooter
Test your archery skills by shooting the apple on the man's head. Try to not hit the man with an arrow.

Bow Man

Bow man
  Use a bow and arrow to shoot your enemy and don't get shot


 Bow man 2
Play just like bowman, but with more options.


 BoxHead 2Play

Pick a character a map and fight to survive the zombie apocalypse.


 BoxHead More Rooms

The zombie apocalypse is still going on, fight and survive.


 BoxHead The Rooms
Continue fighting the zombie army with new and improved weapons and characters.


Boxhead The Nightmare
Unlock new characters  and levels as you continue your battle against the zombies.


BoxHead Zombie Wars
Fight an army of zombies using new weapons, including automated turrets.



Defeat waves of endless zombies.


DOOM is the legendary first person shooter.


   Gangsta Bean
One bean is going to face down an army of evil food. Are you up for the challenge?


Have a stand off with your enemy. Shoot or get shot.

The PeaceKeeper
Fight against another army of people in this game.


 Raft Wars
Team up and defend the treasure from the bad guys.


 Raft Wars 2
Team up and close the water park.